MBA Projects In Hosur

Mini Projects

MBA project list is provided below for the students who are looking for different management domain projects in Hosur. These projects are prepared to best suite students ideas and serve the purpose of understanding professional protocols of management theories. For Human resource or Marketing stream or even for Finance platform students, the projects are well designed by our project center in hosurfor effective accomplishment of academic requirements. This category consists of MBA Projects in finance, Business and HR category, Other Services we are providing here are all BBA Management projects, MBA Projects ideas, MBA Projects Reports, MBA Projects in Hotel, Hospitality, SCM, Logistics, TQM, and Operations.

Main Projects

We provide quality projects for MBA main projects. We offer Projects at Hosur at MBA projects in the following areas, Marketing, Finance, Human Relations, Operations, Computers, Working Capital & Customer Relationship Management. All our MBA Project reports in Hosur contain the following items in the report:

1. Synopsis

2. Objective

3. Nature of Company

4. Project Proposal & Introduction

5. Methodology & Data Points

6. Interpretation

7. Analysis

8. Recommendation & Conclusion

9. References & Bibliography


1. A study of ICIC bank finance

2. A study on ICIC's online share trading finance

3. Astudy on mutual funds finance

4. Analysis of mutual funds wrtequity funds finance

5. Assets & Liability finance

6. Capital budgeting finance

7. Capital Market finance

8. Capital Structure finance

9. Commodity futures finance

10.Foreign currency systems FINANCE

11.Inventory Management FINANCE

12.Fixed Asset Management FINANCE

13.Financial Performance Analysis FINANCE

14.Mutual Funds” W.R.T Equity Funds

1. HR Policies HR

2. Employee Welfare HR

3. Employee Motivation HR

4. Competency Mapping HR

5. Collective bargaining HR

6. HR Information systems HR

7. HR Accounting HR

8. Job Enrichment HR

9. Job Evaluation HR

10.Performance Management HR

11.Knowledge management HR

12.Leadership Qualities HR

13.Recruitment & Selection HR

14.Work-Life Balance HR

15.Hr Practices HR

16.Employee Motivation And Empowerment HR

17.Change Management HR

18.Compensation Management